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CWIIndividualProducts9mmWhat separates us from other agencies is the ability to offer an individual liability policy to the CPL (concealed pistol license) holder. This is an industry first and is the only true insurance policy on the market. It is not a prepaid legal policy or an association looking to sell your information to marketing companies. It is designed to protect you in the moments after you needed your firearm the most. We offer coverage for criminal defense, bodily injury, property damage and civil defense with limits for court costs, attorney fee’s, bail bonds and lost wages. In other words, help for your next fight after the fight for your life. You might have had to use your weapon to save your life, but do you have the money on hand to save your lifestyle for the court cases that are now coming your way? For under a $1.05 a day, you could have $500,000 worth of coverage. Not only is this coverage for you the CPL holder, but we also offer it to spouses free of charge if they have to use their weapon in your home. If the spouse is also a CPL holder and wants to carry outside the home, we offer a spousal discount of $79 on any policy they purchase within 60 days of the primary spouse purchase.

As part of this policy, we also offer the ability to insure your personal firearms collection for an extremely fair value. $125.00 per year insures your collection for up to $12,500 worth of firearms and accessories such as scopes, magazines and cases. If you have more than $12,500 in your collection, the same rate applies. What makes our personal firearms insurance program so unique is the deletion of the care, custody and control section found in most policies. That means if you travel and the airlines lose your firearms, we don’t discount or restrict the value of your traveling firearms like most other insurance companies do. We pay the amount that you insure them for.

In an effort to make things easier for you the client, we offer a link to the online website where you can type in your information, pay directly with a credit/debit card and receive your policy via email….(