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Q-Who is the insurance company behind the concealed weapon program?

A-Conifer Insurance Company of Southfield, Michigan. They have a long history of insuring risks that other companies won’t do. They got their start by writing liquor liability when no one else would do it.


Q-Who do I call if I have a claim with my concealed weapon insurance policy?

A-866-412-2424 is the toll free number for Conifer Insurance Company


Q-If I want to talk to somebody about the concealed weapon policies, what number should I call?

A-313-535-7100 is the phone number for us. We are open 9am-5pm EST.


Q-I have Class III NFA Firearms and I want to insure them. Do you offer coverage for them?

A-Yes, we can insure any legally possessed firearm.


Q-If I want a quote on my business, what do I do?

A-Call us at 313-535-7100 and we’d be happy to talk with you and can begin the quoting process.